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Big Bigger Biggest Full Movie Download Mp4

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a5c7b9f00b A 50's style short film, about life's principles, and survival of the fittest. It's a story about the ancient rule, that just as there is always a bigger fish intimidating a smaller one, there is always bigger fish in the sea.
Slightly clever, if totally unoriginal, concept. The young actor playing the heckled boy is decent with what he has to work with. Vick, on the other hand, is far too cartoonish and artificial. It&#39;s as if he&#39;s trying too hard to be a stereotype. The expression on his face for the entire time was utterly ridiculous. As for the big guy at the end…well…it was satisfying seeing a bad actor get his just desserts! That was the only satisfying scene, really. <br/><br/>There are worse ways to spend 2 minutes of your life. There are also much better ways to spend 2 minutes. Don&#39;t waste your time on this cliché-ridden dud.

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